Who We Work With

Churchill is an independent business consulting firm based in Cape Town. We work with leading SMEs, corporates and private equity firms, across a range of industries, in Southern Africa. We help them find pragmatic solutions and are their trusted hands-on partner for engineering breakthrough results. We solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

Churchill focuses on issues related to technology disruption, competitiveness, agility, business models, operating efficiency and -improvements. We help our client’s find pragmatic solutions, value, and growth in a rapidly changing world.

Today’s economic climate is challenging and needs careful navigation. In many respects, we are all in untested waters, but this does not have to stop you from getting ahead. Finding pragmatic solutions and executing your strategy will lift your business above the pack. The norm and being like everybody else is just not going to cut it.

We combine a unique blend of strategic, financial-, marketing- and engineering expertise providing strategy, consulting, technology and operations outcomes and pragmatic solutions.

We solve

our Clients’