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Churchill provides advisory, consulting, implementation, and coaching services to SMEs, Corporates, and Private Equity firms across a diverse range of industries.

As a management advisory, we help customers grow and succeed in a rapidly changing world. Designing, optimising, re-engineering, and automating businesses, and processes.

We solve strategic, operational, process, and governance challenges – enabling businesses to improve control, increase performance & productivity, reduce cost, optimise their operations & processes, and enhance governance.


By developing, improving, and implementing strategies, financial models, business & operating models; and mapping, optimising, automating, and re-engineering business processes, we enable management teams to succeed.

Leveraging technology as a business enabler, we can digitalise risk and compliance management.

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.
Winston Churchill

Partnering Breakthrough Success


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  •  Strategy Formulation
  •  Strategic Decision Support
  •  IT Strategy Formulation
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Feasibility Analysis
  •  Business Case Development


  •  Strategy Implementation
  •  Project Implementation Support
  •  Process Mapping
  •  Business Process Management
  •  Risk and Compliance Management
  •  Business Continuity


  •  Business Models
  •  Operating Models
  •  Operational Excellence
  •  Business Process Optimisation
  •  IT Roadmap / Transformation
  •  Setting Objectives and KRAs


  •  Business Process Re-engineering
  •  IT Maturity Assessments
  •  Strategic Communications
  •  Financial Models
  •  Organisational Design
  •  IT Operating Models


  •  Business Processes
  •  Process Automation (RPA)
  •  Risk and compliance Digitalisation
  •  Workflow
  •  E-Signature
  •  Process Analytics


  •  Business Coaching
  •  Leadership Development
  •  Executive Coaching
  •  Life Coaching
  •  IT Executive Mentoring & Coaching
  •  OKR Coaching

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."

Winston Churchill

"This is no time for ease and comfort. It is the time to dare and endure."

Winston Churchill

"It is one thing to see the forward path and another to be able to take it. But it is better to have an ambitious plan than none at all."

Winston Churchill

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill