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COVID-19 has increased the urgency for businesses to rapidly change and digitalise.

How are you managing?

We understand that all organisations are at different stages on this journey, and we work with our clients to analyse the data, discover the insights, and design insight-led strategies that will drive growth

Some have made great strides,  while others have yet to begin. The business environment is undergoing rapid technological change and renewal,  shifting to hybrid working models.

To navigate this and achieve organisational goals, there is a need for effective management support in many contemporary business organisations.

We are your hands-on partner to provide the extra capacity and skills you require.

It always looks so easy to solve problems by taking the line of least resistance.”
Winston Churchill

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Strategic execution tends to fail, not because of poor strategies, but due to the unforeseen challenges and -risks encountered during implementation.

These challenges can range from translating strategy into specific measurable goals, to daily task management and project planning, to capacity and capability constraints, and everything in between, including buy-in from the organisation.

Our team is ready to assist and advise, no matter where your business is in the implementation journey.


We are implementation specialists, successfully managing the delivery and execution of projects and initiatives.

Some talk about what needs to happen – we make it happen, using our business analysis, process mapping, and project management skills.

Our trusted hands-on team is ready to support your organisation’s projects and initiatives.


A process map visualises the business process in order to streamline, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize productivity. We identify the opportunities in your processes.

Without process maps a business cannot shift strategically, or change its business model, -operating model, -value chain, or IT systems.

We assist our customers to establish a process culture,  enabling visibility, control and governance.

Let us show you how process management tools can facilitate a culture of:

  •  collaboration,
  •  empowerment,
  •  increased accountability,
  •  while managing risks, and
  •  promoting compliance.


Process diagram tools, such as Visio and Lucid Chart, are outdated and do not update in real-time with current operating procedures used.

We assist clients with Business Process Management (BPM).

Unlike other tools that need an IT specialist or business analyst, Nintex Promapp® allows business users to collaborate on processes, easily visualise and map out the process and digitise the related standard operating procedures.

Our team of Nintex Promapp® experts can:

  •  help you map and manage your “as-is processes”,
  •  design new “to-be” processes,
  •  manage process variations,
  •  digitally track and assign RACI,
  •  track cost and cycle time,
  •  manage risk and compliance,
  •  implement a real-time solution that enables collaboration and real-time updating of standard operating procedures (SOPs).


Are you still using Microsoft Excel to manage risk and compliance?

Risk management focusses on identifying potential risks , in advance, ensuring that remedial actions, to reduce the identified risk, are put in place. Compliance management aims to ensure that your organisation complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Let us show you how you can digitally and in real-time, create consistent and compliant processes, manage risk and compliance, and enable compliance training right down to a specific business process.


The realities of COVID-19 has forced businesses to rapidly digitise and change their ways of work.

The sudden hard lockdowns during 2020, exposed the frailty of many business continuity plans (BCPs), coupled with increased compliance requirements, this raised the pressure on management to ensure a robust BCP.

Our team has the expertise to review and update your BCP to meet the realities of a rapidly changing world.

"Any clever person can make plans for winning a war if he has no responsibility for carrying them out."

Winston Churchill

“It always looks so easy to solve problems by taking the line of least resistance.”

Winston Churchill

“…I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught..."

Winston Churchill

"Things are not always right because they are hard, but if they are right one must not mind if they are also hard."

Winston Churchill

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